Sunday Poem By Yamuna Nair

Mask of Temperament

I am luminous in a way.
That isn’t being assessed
I tried to held that positivity back.
Then I felt a spiritual fragrance.
He said to me.
No. It is the way of your mind.
May be good or bad
It is up to your consciousness.
Then I said to Him
Being an outsider always making rift.
I tried to climb it
Slipping all the time and lost my ways.
I couldn’t see that ray of light.
Now I decided to stay tuned to your ways.
Then He said to me.
Think O’er and O’er .
When you are in the ray of light.
You could see my shadow .
He whispered to me .
Be calm and cool . suddenly I heard the sound of my baby.
Oops! I was in a dream
Still I felt that spiritual fragrance .
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