Teachers: The Role Models: A heartfelt gratitude to them.

The World Teacher’s Day

A month ago and a month later: A beautiful coincidence to narrate, to realise and to experience from the core of one’s heart. The date remains the same. The ideals never clash. The motto is undivided. However, the month is different. A gap of thirty days only. Yes! today is ‘the World Teacher’s Day’, first conceived in 1994 by the UNESCO, much to the applaud of the people world wide! The primary objective was to consolidate the factors contribution, relevance, recruitment, sacrifice, future and many more to ascertain the timeless importance of the day! To make the rest realise that they are not born to be neglected or put aside or overlooked to prove to be superiors to them!
The year’s pandemic situation has noticeably crippled the mindset of the teachers. The institutes are shut up for an infinite period of time, throwing challenges to the teachers to shape the minds of the young souls. The inevitable factors of poor connectivity and other relevant issues are at times not taken up seriously by the authority concerned! Their is a ceaseless threat of pay cuts or termination at the most! We are infact caught between the devil and the deep sea and unfortunately there is no such human figure to rescue us from this boiling turbulence! Yet the struggle is on to prove themselves. Sustenance amid all odds! But who listens to or cares? It seems as if the people of the same profession are poles apart, resulting in a mental detachment and a weak resistance to put up!
This year’s celebration will be on the virtual platform with a handful of interested people. The same story is to be retold with a total lack of enthusiasm. Still an attempt to comprehend the unique landscape unfolded by this pandemic and the ways sought to mitigate the sufferings nurtured by it are some of the things given too much emphasis!! No matter, the teacher is the backbone of the society and the celebration will continue year after year with lots of love and sincerity!!

Kunal Roy


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