Kishore Kumar: The Legend of the Legends. A homage on his 91st Birth Anniversary.

Among the five legends namely Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle,Mohd, Rafi, Mukesh and Kishore Kumar, the last name would be always uttered with countless drops of reverence. Kishore was born in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh. Kishore was the adapted name on the stage. Nobody knew that the ‘adapted’ name would spell magic, drawing the rapt heed of thousands of people towards this magnetic personality. A playback singer, a playwright, a producer, an actor and on the top of all a humble, genuine human being !
Born on 4th August,1929 he trod the earth for the earth for a span of 57 years, leaving behind the sweet sour memories behind on the sands of time. A multi talented personality whose songs ranged from mere soft numbers to a few peppy numbers to countless romantic numbers , which one would love to croon as one manages to walk down through the silent lane or bylane of the bygone days. However, his duets with Lata like ‘Bhul geyi Sabkhuj’ from ‘Julie’ or ‘Kora kagaz tha’ from the movie of the same name stayed at the top for quite a few years. Asha Bhosle too had a few hit numbers with him. Though not classically trained like Mohd Rafi or Mukesh, he shared a good bond with them. He would simply capture even the twisted tunes and sang at ease before the microphone. Ashok kumar, his elder brother cited: “The main reason behind Kishore’s success was ,his voice would hit straight the tip of the microphone, the most sensitive point”. Winner of film fare for eight times really made him stand out of the crowd! The highest number indeed! On the other hand his chemistry with the co stars like Madhubala, Mala Sinha and many more cannot be effaced from the memory even at this very hour! After all who can afford to forget his timeless, hilarious  comedy “Luko Churi” with Mala Sinha.
But legends donot promise to stay with us in a typical corporeal format. They do discover a place in our heart forever. Lovers who even indulge in a candyfloss romance find solace and comfort in Kishore’s numbers. Married thrice with the different different stars viz Madhubala, Rumaguhu Thakurata and Yogita Bali, he was never so much happy in his conjugal life. His son Amit Kumar is an eminent singer too. Today is the 91st Birth anniversary of this pole star of the star spangled sky! The course of time cannot be changed, the nature’s policy cannot be moulded, but at the hours of rejoice and regret, his songs embalm the bleeding heart and the injured soul! An honest confession indeed!!
Kunal Roy
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