Based on World Cancer Day – Kunal Roy


You are invincible,
Tiny tots,
Yet creates a revolution,
In the world of ailment.
A word of few letters,
Breeds a sense of fear and awe,
Among the poor mortals –
Of the earth!
With no respite,
No mercy!
No pity!
Your furtive approach-
Fatal indeed!
Make bleed,
Groan in pain,
Sufferings abate,
Lethal you become-
Once you host the corporeal!
Slowly and silently you journey,
Through the cells and membranes,
Making them malicious,
Inspire them to grow-
Without any restrain,
Without any sympathy!
The tiny seed,
Sprouts into a seeding-
Spreads like a banayan tree-
Plays havoc!
Degenerative act!
The World chases You,
Like the dollops of sunshine,
But in vain!
Years roll by,
You become more weird,
You become more mysterious,
Beyond the obvious,
Beyond the human intellect!
Mortals make journey –
Into the cauldron of death,
And You?
Sit on the pyre,
How helpless you are!
The moments are mine,
The strength is mine,
And you are-
A silent observer,
Of the imminent,
Of the inevitable!!
ফেসবুক দিয়ে আপনার মন্তব্য করুন
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