Sunday Poem By Jhilam Adhikary

Dear Little Brother of Sinister Blood

O brother, of sinister blood,
We are one soul still,
For the soul still lives in memories.

Pleasant charm and humour reserved,
In pieces, eagerly waiting for a future
That is neither dejected nor vengeful.

I saw you happy in pictures,
You aren’t grown up yet
Thank god, I was worried.

Crumbled up in responsibilities
I thought the one I’ll see
Would be a man so foreign,
That I’ll catch a glance once
And run away.

I want to meet you again
See you in real life
Beyond family restrains:
As if we are just friends
And swing on the swing
Like lost little children;

Close our eyes to think for a second
That we don’t have-
The same blood in our veins,
And no family of ours ever had a fight;

I want to hug the boy I ran with
Not shake hands with some random man
With hard responsible hands,
That I do not recognise;
A hand that wants to fight more
Blindly, for fighting families.

I want to see a familiar smile
That hasn’t forgotten my face,
Even with a thick, black beard
A smile that isn’t mature yet,
Maturity is dangerous..
It splits families.

And splits brothers and sisters
Who don’t hate each other;
Grown ups won’t understand
We too, don’t understand either,
And perhaps it’s for a reason.

Adults should learn to hate,
Only those they want to hate
And walk away from them only
And not choose to hate the rest
For who hates more, isn’t a competition.

Walking away from toxicity
Isn’t wrong
But forcing it on others is,
Collateral damage and we are the ones;
They too, are avoiding destruction
Not choosing the well deserved violence,
Holding on,
Resisting the building tension.

But beyond all reasons
Someday we will meet again,
As a little boy and a little girl,
With love and understanding only

To move on and forgive the adults:
For we are too naive to understand
Whose sinister blood is at fault.

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