Moods, Moments আর প্রেম – বিন্দু By Gopal Lahiri

Love and Light

You know. from here, there are no going back,
on the river bank, a tree is alive with butterflies,
and you are sitting on the lower deck of Mayurakhshi
boats that will not moor, lovers
who are filled with joy and nothing
more, take your light and sail past,
the boat moves further downstream,
I am really trying to memorise the boatmen’s song
You know Prinsep Ghat, the spilled sunset over Ganges
let us not row over the twilight, its colour of love
never completely leaves the bone,
A starless evening and soft breeze thin to your lips
breaking into a chip poem,
What is there to do: I pick Neptune over Moon
I’ve made love in current ripples in your name.
Who else sew you in those far away planets?
Who can love you like this?
I wish I’ve never seen the sky
when always there is,
Believe me, time takes almost everything away,
I promise I still dream of coming back to you
take your word as it arrives
that makes this love and light yours and mine.
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