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Teach, Taught, Teaching, Teacher…????

Yes, this random reflective thought just came to my mind when I think about the chair in my university cubicle. Apart from all the jokes that we have been cracking in the name of online teaching, it is also high time to give a serious thought about how to teach, what and who, and to what extent are ideas generated and not ‘taught’? To what extent does teaching transcend the boundary of going beyond the flashbulb of rote learning and in what way do we fondly remember our own teachers? It is really a reflective pattern, some sore ideas, some enlightening moments, some fussy circumstances where we looked for care and were cured too.
The whole art of teaching is extremely controversial at times, where we try to annihilate circumstances which fall under the category of superficial garb and where we try to extract and mobilize the thoughts of better humanity. Art sustains this tutoring and nurturing ability, sublimation in bits, pieces and ideas that could be corroborated in the form of a vast, uninterrupted source of learning.
Our contributors today, are mostly students and teachers, the students still weaving their categorical beyond the career creative dream, spinning the yarn that tells a story of more than 100 days forever; we have the teachers who have shared their poetic grandeur, in various artistic metaphors, writing and collaborating with thoughts, senses, emotions which are of course, not always recollected in tranquility though!
Wishing all our readers a very happy Teacher’s Day! At one point or the other, we all do ask for a shelter, parents, siblings, lovers-forms and susceptibilities and yet an indomitable urge to change the world. Yes, teachers are what we call them.
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