Sunday Wordsmiths By Anjali De Nandi, Mom

Why dear, now

Delhi, my city is sleeping now.
And you are calling me now.
My dear sky!
At every midnight
You call me and I open my sleepy eyes.
I arise
Open my close door,
And come out for you.
I can not realize
That why you call me at every night.
But I adore you.
Yes, i adore.
I look at your endless beauty from very far.
I love your stars
And their smiles of light.
My mind is blowing with speechless gladness.
Though you call me at my sleeping time
Yet I like your this madness.
My heart beats recite love’s rhythmic rhymes
And it reach to you, yes.
You hear it, hear hear and hear….
With joy of tears.
Hey, you, the night sky, my dear!
I invite you, yes,
Please, come near!
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