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Lines beyond regions…making our Sunday special

As a part of the academic rhetoric, we have always been waxing eloquent about how borders, nations, geographical boundaries can never really thwart or throttle the sense of creativity. When it comes to the sentiment that is part of any poetry, we find a curious assimilation of the filtered and the faltered landscape of people, memories, moments that a person lives with and loves and lines that speak of pain and happiness. Lines, motivations and the stories concealed under the tenement of the nation, the national, the regions, the landscapes and the location-all vary across the finer passages of creative endeavor.
This Sunday we have a special segment from Kashmir, where our poet, translator and reviewer writes about the paradise that we all cherish on this earth. Our poet from Kashmir is a founder of the ‘Kashmir Writer’s Guild’, hailing from Trehgam, Kashmir. The smell of Jhelum and the sparkling waves of water all blend into a fine cohesive emotion when we read his poem. It is again that we are reminded of Agha Shahid Ali and his postcards that always gave such a succinct picture of the valleys, the mountains and the verdurous landscape of Kashmir.
It is Sunday time folks, and the editor presents here a host of lovely writers who have orchestrated their own way at organizing ‘Sunday Talks’- through Sunday reflections, paying homage to the creative maestro Amala Shankar and poems varying in flavours yet retaining their essence as nuggets of Indian English grandeur.
Wish all the readers a rocking Sunday. Happy reading.
Send in your articles, poems, shorts stories, travelogues, thoughts, reflections, anything that you find creative and productive enough to be part of Sunday Talks.
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