Poetry by Anjali De Nandi, Mom

A blind woman

A blind woman.
On a beach, she ran…
It was a full moon night.
I enjoy under that light.
Tides were very joyful.
The air was too cool.
She was laughing loudly…
And said too proudly,
” I can not see,
But I can hear the songs of this sea.
I love it’s art.
I can feel it’s rhythms of heart.
It’s very smart.
So it never care any emptiness.
Just like me, yes!…Yes!….Yes!……
For my own blindness I never be hopeless.
I love the nature’s ever pureness.
Feelings are endless……
And we all, are living in only one net of feeling,
This is called, the universal attachment.
Everywhere it present.
To all, it is healing.
It’s a continuous linking.
Though I can’t blinking,
My eye-lids are ever closed yet,
I can realize that nature is too beautiful.
I see it with my inner eyes.
Oh so joyful!
The Moon-rise.
The Moon-set.
And at both times, this sea becomes too beautiful.
Thanks, my creature!
You gift me power to my each organ
Without my eyes.
So I can feel your beautiful nature.
I know that joy of nature,
Yes, it ran….
It runs…..
And also will run…….
It is endless…..
It present in every place. ”
I heard her words.
Then I saw, saw and saw, that, yes, …..
So many night-birds,
They were flying just above of her head.
And they said,
” We are all with you. ”
And also the tides said,
” We are also with you. “
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