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Poems And Festival Of Colours By Tapanjyoti Maji

1| Wall Art
Not a pair of galloping white horses.
Instead you choose the Yellow Spring with
falling leaves.
Your mind goes beyond the spirit to win.
Instead you choose to sacrifice to have
peace of mind.
You’ve an incomparable personality.
A poem with several layers of meaning.
A poet, yes , a poet knows the art to read
your mind.
The yellow spring says an untold story.
A symbol of muti coloured emotions .
Words impregnant with poetic diversity.

2| Shower

Water runs down .
Let it run like a river of many tributaries.
My land remains dry.
My hairs go burning.
I’m lying on a bed of hot sands.
Let me drenched through and through.
Let me sleep in water.
My nerves are getting cool.
A bath to forget.
A bath to renew myself.

3| Recitation

Words are Voiced.
A river seems to have danced down the hill.
The stsge is dusky dark.
She comes and stands silent for minite.
She opens up her lips.
Her tuned voice captures the attention of the
dark heads,
thousands at the lowest count.
Her emotions go up and down.
She shouts up in protest.
She whispers the words of love.
All the words manifest the truest .
She ends up her journey .
Claps all around like a spell of shower.
ফেসবুক দিয়ে আপনার মন্তব্য করুন
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