Poems – Twinkle Johar

I find myself
lonely on an old street
there’s so much noise.
And people are walking
on two different paths
I’m at the partition maybe
But both the ways are invisible
What I see is
Nothing but blurriness
Everything’s so zoned out
As if there’s no way ahead
But just people
who are going
On the two paths
Which are so blurry
That I chose to stand still
And say nothing
But I want to go too
Not with them
But with me
Because I’m not even present there
There are my words and thoughts
But I’m lost
Maybe somewhere in a different world
Or maybe nowhere
As peace is so precious
but still remarkably rare.
And when these words end.
I breathe.
After I stop to feel.
This night takes me away,
To a strange world,
Full of strangers,
All empty ones.
And I wonder what to say,
Should I stay
amidst the emptiness?
To realize that something,
Was left by me,
Left unfelt.
The snowy night,
The shady one,
The quiet time,
Is it loud too?
Is it hard too?
As it bounds me,
The night mocks at me,
It makes me scream,
It asks me
Where was I
when the scars needed me?
When the pain
needed love?
When I needed myself?
All around the empty ones,
I ask myself-
“Will u rise tomorrow with the Sun?”
Will I again shut myself up,
Throughout the day,
And get haunted,
With the thought of
returning to myself,
Only at night,
When the quietness
will plead me to rise.
Rise with peace,
And not shut down quietly
This time,
For long,
If not forever.
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