Poetry – Suchismita Ghoshal


Frabjous nights beckon me
To own the breathtaking adventures.
Once in love, now in bewildered expedition,
An expedition offering me to explore my life
From being a scratch to being a star.
A bundle of joys is knocking my door
After my valiant decision to come out
Of a severely toxic love that gave me wounds.
Stars are glistening with the beguiling beauty
& I am finding my exhilaration in my journey.
Opportunities do come again & again
When I seem to be walking in the right track.
The fidelity in my heart sets the fire high,
I am born to expand more & overcome
The floundering odds & the unflinching struggles.
Positivity seems like a rare gem, shielded
In a stiff treasure of tomorrow
But my hard work will bring it as the crown
Of my head to decorate me with the unseen charm.
Cherishing each & every moment has turned
Into the routine to rekindle my fragile life
Where I strive to rejuvenate each second
With the astonishing golden words & their vibes.
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