Penning Sunday Letter By Subrata Bhattacharya

Dear Thought: A Sunday Letter

“Dear Thought,
I take unbearable pain because of the earth’s howling due to sensational, weird, barbaric, and exotic attacks by the notorious evildoers.
Moreover, it consumes fuel to ignite light of my pain more vividly because nowadays, the earth adds more wings in its howling for want of millions of lives of its dwellers snatched away by the attacks of so-called culprit COVID-19 pandemic virus spread across the whole world. Although it is beyond your control, but to a great extent, it is a bitter fruit of sinful plant planted by human beings.
Since you are part and parcel of the mind and heart in which I dwell, it is my duty to keep you hale and hearty. If you fall sick, I will definitely go to hell by means of suffering as explained above and it will be an unfortunate state of affairs forever. Hence, in order to keep me sacred, every now and then, you appear and order me to focus on conscientious feelings to maintain the dignity of noble virtues so that I can enjoy happiness in human life. It is my pleasure that you hug me and like me to perform my duty in honest manner. I also take pride that every time, you inspire me to run my mind’s wheel on right track which is made of concrete virtues of nobleness and whenever, I accidentally get derailed, you forthwith come forward as an insurance agent to survey and pass the invoice value of due compensation. This way you help me bring out light of happiness. So, I am compelled to write this tiny letter for reminding you to take strength to bring forward the do-gooder attitude for pollution free environment in this world.
I trust, you will eternally remain with me as a thought of do-gooder for the welfare of this beautiful earth.
For the sake of God’s blessings
Yours lovely,
Omnipotent & Omnipresent”
ফেসবুক দিয়ে আপনার মন্তব্য করুন
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