Poems – Suchetana Biswas

Paint My Lilies Pink

When the soothe in darkness knocks, and my ear’s locked
And my head’s heavy, sickness in tube prevails tough
I, paint some forlorn faces , and lilies by the bank ;
Tell me , if it’s necessary to hear all sounds ,
If my lilies are vibrant, and cities smile deep.
Afternoon alliterations, miserably, failed to cure my weary eardrums ,
Keep quiet! -Let me sit by the banks I drew
Dews of the modern morning , find me sublimity
Heart’s aching, no sciences exist in the cells ,
Off to Thames, new English air, let me breath.
Again, back to the bed I sleep, hear nothing
Meters lost its track of old era, consider me
Why not a single night , peaceful? -I am lost
Mom told me, to mind my meters , keep tracks
But I am lost and deaf. Oh there-
I am not done painting my lilies pink.Bless it harmony?
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