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Sunday Poem By Rejuan Sardar

The Byway

The byway seems darkening
Transcends through the windy forest,
And converged in two ways there
Where I can reach my home.
Another, to go to unending beauties
To tempt you to fall asleep
As if to devour your soul.
But I must retire at my destination,
Rather I not crave for beauties,
Rather I resist myself to be torn asunder
By your agonizing comeliness.
It is my imprudence to defy
That I must take the byway at my nigh,
Not to be duped, not to be adorn
I must consent what is destined.
But must I decipher inscriptions
That you’ve engulfed in your heart.
So, I must to go to you
Taking the byway that I bade adieu.
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