Sunday High Five By Rejuan Sardar

Love None But Me

To be drowned
In the ocean of love,
Again I’m not reluctant.
In thine eyes,
To be lost like, I,
Nowhere to dwell by.
To be perished again
I’m ready,
To reborn from my ashes
Like a phoenix,
To be consummated
By thy blazing desire.
To burn my soul
Upto my fullest limit.
Relentless, I’m tiring
In my untiring pursue,
To gain thee,
Be knelt I front
Without bidding adieu.
Love thy bondage
In thy flaming zeal.
My untiring claim
So profound,
Mustn’t be unseen by
Thy unclaimed amorous heart.
Not to desire agonies,
As my Love,
Are agonizing thee?
Perpetuating my love,
If I’m to be drowned,
In the deepest sea;
Of thy grumbling desire,
Love none, I pray, but me.
ফেসবুক দিয়ে আপনার মন্তব্য করুন
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