Sunday Poetry by Roja Sinha


Phil was afraid of being forgotten.
That fear of hers so profound, Agha Shahid Ali mentioned repeatedly in his poetry.
Augustus Waters feared oblivion.
That in leaving the world he will not be remembered.
Emperors built monuments so that the memory of their existence isn’t turned to ashes like their lifeless bodies after death.
It was never understood by me
mankind’s desire to leave a mark on the world,
to be remembered long after they are gone,
Why crave affection for something that has come to an ultimate end?
Before we crossed paths,
I was focusing on getting myself through each day of mine.
Just merely surviving, but not living.
Back then even though I denied it,
with you I felt myself resurrecting back to life.
You unveiled the happiness that was lost from my world and made me cry monsoons sometimes as well.
But through it all, you taught me the
meaning of Love.
On the day we lost the battle we were fighting for our Love,
as you walked further away,
I felt my will to laugh, cry and live
fading into the shadow with you.
And In the wooden cafe over looking the snowy mountains,
The wind chime by it’s window
playing the epicede
of the morning’s grief breeze,
When we held each other close one last time and cried as we let go, I asked you to never forget what we had, that no matter where you get in life, always remember our Love.
If we can’t be with each other forever
at least we can keep our love alive in our hearts.
I live on in your memories and you in mine.
The day we let go,
I knew the answer to why people feared being forgotten.
For the ultimate end of somebody occurs not with death, but with them being forgotten by the one that was their
whole world for them.
ফেসবুক দিয়ে আপনার মন্তব্য করুন
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