Sunday Poetry Special By Rejuan Sardar

I Need A Heavy Rain

Afraid! Of losing nothing anymore
In the silent night I am to explore,
Whether I am destined to be lost
Sacrificing my emotions as it’s cost.
I’m very much tired to cry out loud
In my mind there’s gathered a cloud,
For me the Sun may not again rise
Untill my last breath and sad demise.
None is there with whom I can share
And my desparation not to spare,
No one has time for me to listen
As for them I’ve become a burden.
All have left me whom I was favourite
Now it seems to them I am obsolete,
That they cast me and stepped over
With no regret they’ll turn back never.
Being human they’ve cast me alone
Except my pain I’ve chattels none,
Being helpless for them I’m no use
For being a poor now I’m a recluse.
I now wish if I had a good very friend
If they would listen and not pretend,
And I would narrate all my agonies
That once I wished to live in peace.
Now I need a heavily showered rain
To wash away my tears and all pain,
That I vow to be a hardened man
And to never repent in my life’s span.
ফেসবুক দিয়ে আপনার মন্তব্য করুন
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