Sunday Poem By Ruchira Mukherjee

The Rolling Stone

The rolling stone…..
Standing by the shore takes courage;
On a regular journey we hardly get to meet.
Times often fall short to define the distance between two ends.
A sense of grief stays by side.
Taking the shape of strength,fearlessness.
Breaking down repeatedly might not be easy .
However that helps in building the rock.
A sea always make path of its choice.
Stone: there is no end of metamorphosis.
The cyclic pattern continues……
Endless load to take , before a peaceful slumber.
Time keeps giving shape to new forms ;
Life will find its way and so will new beginnings.
It always come from beautiful endings.

stone :resemble the strength and struggle of woman .
Metamorphosis: transformation.
Sea: Dominating entities or power.
Load: responsibility
Time: test of patience.

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