Sunday Poem By Ruchira Mukherjee

Disoriented mind

My mind is in a state of paranoia,
At times my overthinking leads to hopelessness,
At times again I am hopeful:
Trying to bring back the life within me.
Utopian minds are dangerous too .
Tired of getting misinterpreted.
Crisis and triggers are for head strong ones,
I feel so numb and weak for all the twists.
I kept rising from my ashes like a phoenix.
But this time I feel I am losing myself.
The strength I need,I don’t feel I have enough within.
Amidst the devil’s bell:
a sense of fresh emotions keeps me driving.
I refuse to be caged,in discomfort.
That sums up my loud mind.
Before things end I sum up myself in this little piece:
Be it love,life,emotions,hope, livelihood,breath.
In all these tragedies I fight to survive.

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