Sunday Poem By Ruchira Mukherjee

Woman’s voice (unfiltered)

In a parallel world where I desire to be treated as a human:
So,just a day?
Our years of unnoticed struggle;
Many came and went;
Tried to make a mark;
Inequality! Injustice !
That stays forever.
Nevermind the grinding goes on.
Deprived soul knows to stand alone,
Stop ! stop !stop !
Another threat to your existence:
Give up!
A grave voice that controls.
A numb pain reminds of freedom.
Years of tangled thoughts might get detangled,
But wait!
Justice? that’s too vague a term to remember.
When words bleed injustice increase.
Yes that’s how twisted the politics has been for women.
Stab! Stab! Stab!
Emotional baggage is just another name for honest eyes.
Progress is a myth in this world of exploited souls.
Why everytime strong is the alternate word for a tortured soul?
Why can’t I just choose to breakdown ?
And world turns out civilised enough to accept me as I am.

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