T3 শারদ সংখ্যা ২০২২ || তব অচিন্ত্য রূপ || বিশেষ সংখ্যায় Rituparna Khan

Food: An Emotion

Basic sustenance to body, mind and soul…
Without food nothing is good.

City of joy saunters through a tasty, mouth-watering journey…
Nothing is good without food.

Mount on the time machine and fasten your seat belts…
Nothing is food without being good.

Fine blending of Mughlai extravaganza, European delicacies, Chinese crispies…
Without food nothing is good.

Food scape patterns hail connoisseurs all over the globe…
Nothing is good without food.

C’mon, the roller coaster ride is on…
Nothing is food without being good.

Macher jhol, biriyani, kosha mangsho, luchi aloor tarkari,
Shukto, mocha ghonto, katla kaalia, jhalmuri,
Chelo kebab, aloo posto, muri ghonto, phuckhka,
Rosogolla, sandesh, chomchom, telebhaja.

City of joy explores through decades and dishes…
She is home and hearth to tempting food joints.

Golbaari, Olypub, Coffee House, Flury’s,
Mithai, Paramount, Arsalan, Sabir’s,

Mocambo, Peter Cat, Mitra café, Nahoum’s
Putiram, Saptapadi, Kookie jar, Nizam’s

City never sleeps without room for every tongue and taste.
Kolkata food is an emotion never to waste.

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