Sunday Poem By Rakesh Chandra

My Night is Endlessly Long

Surrounded by the scathing redness
Of my pent up anger, and the greyish-
Black slime of my dirty self,
My conscience, pure as snow,
Is screaming aloud in the wilderness;
The whole world has turned into
A frightening silence zone;

There is nobody near me to share
My burden of unwanted woes, caused by my
Own acts of indiscretion and over-indulgence;
Everyone is busy in fighting his own
Battles on a daily basis;

The droplets of my screaming sound
Are mingling slowly into the river
Of life flowing freely, following its
Own mysterious rhythm;
The echo of melancholic notes is coming
Back to me, unnerving the calm
Of my innerself;
My night is long without an end.

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