Poetry – Rakesh Chandra

A Rustic Beauty

Your smile is strikingly infectious,
Spreading joy all around,
Your lips are petals of black rose;
The golden-yellow threads of sun rays,
Are covering your black hairs,
And your vibrant face from forces dark;
Your eyes are brimming with empathy,
Compassion is your guiding dogma,
Winds are carrying your fabulous tales;
Your teeth are shining pearls, chiselled
Only by Supreme Creator,
Moonlight is shimmering in full splendour;
A light mole is sitting silently,
On your aquiline nose-tip,
Miniscule sun is basking on left nostril;
A crimson bindi on the trident
Of your forehead is smiling,
Red Moon has found a new habitat;
A diva with a rustic blend,
You’re an epitome of simplicity,
Cool breeze is brushing your lovely face.

Rainfall Longings

Between you and me, standing at little distance,
In this dark night devoid of stars,
There are hanging the swollen threads of
Incessant rains, rending apart the gossamer-like
Cobwebs of gentle breeze around;
We both are carrying the coloured umbrellas
Of worldly woes, and trying to avoid the
Falling droplets coming in form of celestial wrath;
We are looking directly into each-other’s eyes,
In search of magical, everlasting solace;
Can there be other options of love?
We are weighing this question for sometime;
Marching ahead slowly rather hesitantly,we
Yearn to reach the pinnacle of love sublime;
We will stick around amidst the luxurious rainfall,
Till we hear the emergent sun’s ringing chime.
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