The sun set at the distant horizon,
The late autumn peeped in,
The gentle cool breeze lashed against the visage,
The Queen of night sat on her throne,
Hemmed in by her star companions!
The cricket buzzed in silence,
The world awaited with a bated breathe,The son of God,
Promised to arrive on the mortal globe!
Like the auspicious Ganges from the matted hair of Shiva,
A Purpose,
A Conviction,
A lesson in mind,
Taught the feeble souls,
Inspired to become one with the obvious,
Divine resplendence!
Baptised by the social norm,
Guru Nanak of every soul,
Wrapped up with divine grace,
With an elegance of unknown world!
Sent as the saviour of the human race,
Talked on the fragrance of fraternity,
Instilled the purity of solidarity,
Hummed the tune of togetherness,
Sang the song of life and soul!
Sprinkled the droplets of tranquility,
Quelled the restless mind,
Deluged the path with divine light,
Aided to eschew the rock strewn and thorny thoroughfare,
Prepared the summit of destination,
For all the children of deprived humanity,
For the realisation of the ultimate,
For the mingling with the ultimate!
Days melted into oblivion,
Not the dandy memories,
Scattered on the beach of mind,
The flame of celebration is still burning-
With vigour and vivacity,
At the Golden Temple,
At this auspicious hour.
The devoted devotees amassed-
To witness the timeless glory,
With folded palms,
With chanting lips,
With closed eyes!
You have visited them anew-
Not in thick corporeal,
In subtlety!
The hallow radiated rays of thousand Suns,
The blessing posture,
The sheeny eyes,
The pure heart,
The unfathomable love!!
ফেসবুক দিয়ে আপনার মন্তব্য করুন
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