The World Heart Day: A Heart to Heart Story: An Opinion.

“Can heartiness be bitter?” The reply to this question will surely vary from one to another. The reason is obvious. The story of heart is not the same for everybody. Some are enjoyable. Some are sour in taste. Some are bitter on the tongue!
It is a well known fact that heart is one of the primary organs of our body as it receives as well as pumps out the blood for an even distribution in the entire corporeal! The World Heart Federation in joint collaboration with The World Health Organisation began this event from 1999 onwards. The primary motto is to make people aware of the importance of heart, its varied roles and the risks involved if a proper care is not being taken of this fist shaped organ! The chance of getting infected through communicable diseases has been reduced by 25% whereas the number of deaths due to cardiovascular disease(s) has shot up indeed! This is a major area of concern in the medical domain. Smoking, indisciplined life style, family heredity, obesity, diabetes and age are primarily responsible for any sort of “hearty mishap”! However, it is astounding to note that people have not changed, no matter what the situation is and how they can also be the victims of COVID. Medicines, surgery of lacs are there to help you out, if you are just a bit careful and concerned about yourself and your sweet family!
The heart is a place where a kaleidoscope of emotions is at play. It is a haven of anger, happiness, sorrow, tears, depression and delight! A heart to heart bond can weave a tale of timeless attachment. After all we not only live for ourselves but also for our kith and kin. The life is meant for those people who eagerly wait for your return in the evening.
Their curious eyes always look at you for every simple need! We just cannot afford to ignore their presence and indulge ourselves quite brazenly!
Let us all pledge to sustain the significance of this day to make the world a better place to live in!!

 – Kunal Roy

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