Remembering Rajiv: A Pioneer in the Indian Politics: A Tribute. – Kunal Roy

He was the youngest prime minister of our nation at the prime age of forty. He was the sixth prime minister who held the office for just a span of six years. He was Rajiv Gandhi, son of Late Feroz Gandhi and Indira Gandhi.
Born in 1944, 20th August in one of the elitist families of India, he always remained apolitical. But politics was in his blood that perhaps stayed in him in a latent form! Studied in Doon School,Imperial College of London and many more, he was always interested in becoming an efficient pilot. He went to Delhi to translate his dreams into reality. Gradually he became a trained pilot and desired to move towards a different direction of career! But destiny, the supreme power had a different plan to hatch. After the cruel, political assassination of Indira Gandhi by her body guards on that fateful day of 30th October, 1984, Rajiv had no other path but to assume the office to ensure a socio-political stability across the nation! His life took a turn followed up by a remarkable grooming session to become an upright political figure, where the ‘image’ mattered the most! However, his career in politics did not have a smooth beginning! His leadership qualities were put into an acid test! The mobs organised a riot among the Sikh Community, which was efficiently handled by Rajiv to establish peace and order. And surprisingly, that December Congress won 411 seats out of 542 in Lok Sabha. A major victory indeed! Moreover, during his hour, various unpleasant events like Bhopal Gas Tragedy, Bofors Scandal and many more bred a political upheaval in the country. But he was strong enough not to give up the show! In 1988, he made a peace treaty with the Sri Lanka. But in the mid 1987,the Bofors Scandal completely tarnished his image, eventually led to a major defeat in 1989.
Time flew away. Conspiracy was hatched without his knowledge. 1991, 21st May, he was brutally assassinated by a suicide bomb. The whole world was stunned. The body was mutilated. The Indian history of Politics never witnessed such a terrible death before! Later his spouse Sonia Gandhi and son Rahul Gandhi assumed the office to continue with the political saga! Posthumously, Rajiv was awarded with Bharat Ratna, the highest civilian award! Today is his 75th Birth Anniversary. He is no more among us. There will be no birthday cake , no celebration, but his contribution towards the motherland will always be acknowledged by her citizens!!
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