Dr APJ Abdul Kalam: An Iconic Figure: Ignited the minds to dissolve the darkness…

He had never thought of joining the politics in his life. But it was the course of destiny which made him the 11th President of our independent nation. Astoundingly, both the BJP and the opposition party Congress wanted him to be the President of our nation. But this man had always nurtured a completely different vision in his life.
Born and brought up in Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu, Kalam had always scored average grades in his school career. But his desire to learn and amass the knowledge of the different spheres of the earth was something that did not go unnoticed! It was this intense lust for knowing more and more aided him to earn an engineering degree in aerospace and serve as a scientist and scientific administrator in some of the leading space organizations of the nation. He was the individual who actually played a pivotal role in the organizational, political and scientific role during the Pokran।। nuclear test in India. There were thousands of controversies around this specific experimental approach, but that simply couldn’t deter him from executing his task flawlessly! Later he joined politics and served our nation in the manner suited him the best. Moreover, he had been awarded with doctorate degree from 40 universities of the globe. His stupendous performance as an academician and a scientist fetched him honour and glory from all most all the parts of the world. Apart from the Padma Bhusan, Padma Vibhushan, he received the Bharat Ratna, the Highest Civilian Award!
   There was possibly no end to his accomplishments. As a prolific writer, he composed a number a books to cater to the needs and preferences of the knowledge hungry souls. His ” Ignited Minds” and “Wings of fire” instill inspiration in every phase of life! Both of them are readable and the author had tried to keep a balance between the reality and his fantasy in the accepted sense of term. The use of words and expressions is simply laudable in every sense! An avid reader, a brilliant writer, a sharp witted professional , a lover of students and above all a true human being. Today is his birthday. The day is observed as “The World Students’ Day” across the whole world. After all a student is not only the best judge of his teacher but also complements him without any grain of doubt!!

Kunal Roy

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