|| The Literary Skylark Fell Silent || Written By Kunal Roy

Samaresh Majumder. A literary gaint in the Bengali Literature. An inspiration to the millions. Born in Jalpaiguri District in 1944, he began to show all the possible traits of leaving his name in the heart of millions before he quits the globe!
Later he completed his graduation from the Scottish Church College followed by a post graduate degree from the University of Calcutta. Gradually the days for him ripened to prove his immense potential before the plebian! He began his literary career with a few reputed literary magazines, especially ‘Desh’. His works received a massive recognition before he penned his colossal creativity in the works like ‘Uttaradhikar’, ‘Kalbela’, ‘Garbhadharini’, ‘Singhabahini’ and many more to his credit. His ‘Kalbela’ received the much coveted Sahitya Academy. It is worth mentioning that many of his novels were chosen for the celluloid version! Moreover, his novel ‘Singhabahini’ was a mega serial on Dooradarshan in the late 90s. A smashing hit with a great star cast. The rich symbolism took it to a different zenith of art and culture.
One of my senior colleagues named Mrs Mandrita Ghosh of the School of Media confessed in one of her Facebook posts that she often met him on her way and touched his feet to seek his blessings. I have not seen the Gods nor I think I shall be able to view Him. But every moment I can feel the existence of His immortal bliss!
The world is gradually becoming an ordinary one in the absence of the genius individuals! There is no doubt that we need more and more like him to make us feel proud before the whole world! But unfortunately such a wish will never get fulfilled, as it is one of the chief norms of the entire cosmic cycle!
A couple of days ago this legend passed away. Ashes collected. The pitcher swam on the river! But his words will forever be etched in the mind of every Bengali who loves him, adores him and worships him in the wee hours of the morning! A journey on the earth has ended, only to begin a new one in a different dimension of the cosmos!!

– Kunal Roy

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