Anil Devgan passed away: An irreparable loss to the Tinsel Town – Kunal Roy

” The days are always numbered”, we all have listened to this timeless assertion in our life. But when the moment matures for the journey into the cauldron of death, we simply cannot accept it! And this is very much true for every living being on this earth. The reality bug is always there to bite us. People walk in and walk out of our life and this natural policy has been in vogue since time immemorial! Still the anguish tears apart the soul. The eyes well up in tears. The skin singes as the tears manage to fall like a cascade from the mountain top! Life looks topsy turvy. The ray of hope becomes faint and the darkness descends for a more terrible moment!

   Anil Devgan, son of Veeru Devgan and brother of Ajay Devgan passed away yesterday. He was just 45. After completing his basic studies from the Central school in Delhi, he completed his graduation in 1989. An avid music lover and trained in Tabla and Martial arts. However, Ajay inspired him to join the film industry as he knew he would be able to carve a niche! At the very outset he assisted other directors and learnt simultaneously the tools and techniques required to become a successful director of Bollywood. And Lady Luck smiled upon him! He made his debut in 2000. The film was “Raju Chancha”. Kajol and Ajay played the lead roles and the film was a major box office hit! Infact the true music lovers cannot afford to forget the romantic number, ” Tune Mujhe Pehechana nehi” by Shaan. In 2005   “Black mail” did extremely well at Box office and Anil didn’t have to turn back! He became one of notable figures in the board of directors! His pleasant looks, sense of commitment, cooperation with the actors, flawless direction and above all the ‘rare’ ability to influence his team will forever be etched in the minds of his followers!
  A couple of days ago I penned an article on ” The World Heart Day”. I tried to focus on some of the ways to keep the central organ fit as a fiddle! But this time it did not function at all. Anil died of a major cardiac arrest in one of the leading hospitals of Mumbai. Things are not always the same as they are conceived to be! The journey on this earth is completed with a tinge of perfection. But the journey of another thousand miles is awaiting him eagerly.  I cannot stop myself from citing
the essence of the words of Gratanio in Shakespeare’s play “The Merchant of Venice”:
We all are actors on the stage
We have a definite role to play here
Once it is over, you leave for another worid!!
ফেসবুক দিয়ে আপনার মন্তব্য করুন
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