The monstrous war was at its peak,
The God encouraged a dance of death,
Pulling the mass towards its gaping mouth,
The cries, the sobs, the tears treated the moments,
Respite was far fetched-
Yet a craving for life continued!
The shells burst,
The smoke pervaded the air,
The noise deafened the soul!
The sun played a hide and seek,
Failed to beat down on the earth!
The globe turned into a gory battle,
Blood smeared the face and feet,
The ragged clothes spoke of the anguish-
Awaited a more fatal hour,
The wings of fantasy were clipped,
Reality bug bit hard,
A pounding heart,
Quivering lips,
Shaky fingers,
Sent orisons above!
A vain story!!


The blessings of the cold December morning,
Melted into oblivion-
The tentacles of human curse spread-
far and wide-
The Pearl Harbour was blown off-
Slaughtered the innocence!
Avenge brewed up,
Added flames to the bleeding heart!
The fragrance of existence was at stake.
Streets were de peopled,
Horns spoke off the impending peril!
Scheme was chalked out,
The hour awaited,
A grim reality,
Likely to create a horrendous history!


At the crack of dawn,
The birds whispered,
Forgot to chirp!
And a sudden surprise of mayhem!
A white glow appeared in the sky,
The mercury mounted,
Intolerable became the hour,
Helter Skelter!
Little later-
The skin peeled off,
The tongue darted out,
The raw flesh revealed its visage!
Blood,Blood, Blood!
The burning lane,
The singed nest,
The tattered drapery!
Absolute necropolis,
Reigned incorrigibly!
Life was snuffed out,
Human race became irrelevant,
Guns, rifles, bullets, bombs,
Were the talk of the town!
Humanity was crushed-
Under the iron wheels of imperialism!
The candles were lit,
Silence was observed,
A pretention was sought,
A yearly remembrance,
A mere reminiscence,
Emotive ties are severed,
Tears no more roll down the chubby cheeks,
Sufferings unabated,
Killer thoughts infect,
Holocaust persists,
Justice whimpers alone,
At some unguarded moments,
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