The Gandhian Principles: An Attempt to Look Back – Kunal Roy

“Truth and non violence” are as old as hills. The remark was made by none other than Mohandas Karam Chand Ghandhi, “the father of the nation”, when the sun of the British Empire was shining with a lot of blaze in the eastern horizon of the sky! It is also claimed that the statement has found its presence in “My Experiments with Truth”, a bold work by Gandhi.
Born in the British era, he never showed his eagerness in participating the national movement for the country’s freedom. It was when he went to Africa, he witnessed some of the bitter truths of sheer imperialism, which eventually changed his mind and he played the lead role in the mass movement against the mighty British force. Undoubtedly his movements of ” Civil Disobedience”, “Non Cooperation” failed bitterly to eradicate the British rule or weaken their base but his authority never bit the dust! It was infact not the material glitter but the enormous authority which transformed him into a national figure of patriotism and people began to obey him and called him Bapuji. His twice “Round Table Conference”didn’t work but his salt and Satyagraha were triumphant and proved to be strong enough to put a resistance against Colonialism! On the other hand his path was not accepted much by Netaji, though the latter flourished under his shed during the onset of his political career. It is ascertained that Netaji’s prowess and caustic speech to motivate the mass were the major areas of envy for Gandhi. This actually created a rift between the two souls and they drifted apart! However, the motto remained the same: “PURNA SWARAJ”!, no matter if they were successful or not in their approach!
Tagore named him “Mahatma”, yet his tales of complete sacrifice are still yet to be totally evaluated! He is called an “incorrigible broker” by few chosen historians and scholars as there was already a latent urge to keep up his appearance at any cost! This might be true to a certain extent as he could have saved some precious sons of the mother India from the British clutches, but which he never did despite countless entreats and assurances! But if we just surround ourselves with innumerable controversies, we will not be able to celebrate his birthday today. Popularly known as Gandhi Jayanti. He is no more among us. His inspirations may suffer a crack in their display, but the way he showed has not yet diverged into two paths, where a dilemma may crop up to choose the right one to reach the right destination!!
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