|| Tribute to KK || By Kunal Roy

The twilight appeared in the sky,
The molten sun –
singed the corpses,
ready to thaw into a dusk,
An evening soiree –
The packed hall,
murmurs settled,
enthrallment reigned,
fever ran through the sinews,
through the drops of blood.
The lights were lit,
the face shimmered,
the rostrum glistened!
You appeared,
like the King,
not ruled the kingdom,
but the soul –
of millions,
sought solace –
in grief!

The show kicked off,
you began to steal the show,
the pitch changed,
the range varied,
touched the top note,
the tune settled ,
at the base either!
They tapped their feet,
to the tune,
to the divine rendition,
floated across the hills and vales!!

The God smiled,
wove a different scheme,
commanded the Providence,
to summon the angels:
The angels appeared,
listened to the auspicious soul,
“I desire to listen to him,
I want him in my Paradise,
Go and bring him.”
Angels nodded,
fathomed the truth,
went to the globe,
encompassed You.
Life folded its palms,
sang the dirge,
left the corporeal!
They took him to –
You are now ,
In the oasis of Heaven,
a golden lyre,
discovered a new lease of life,
as your tender fingers
touched it!
The other edge,
of the gold rimmed mirror,
broke into a paroxysm of tears,
shattered into pieces!!
lost a skylark,
sang and flew merrily,
left the footprints,
on the sun smitten beach,
yet –
washed away,
by the waves of despair,
by the darkness of oblivion,
by the gnarled moves of time!!

ফেসবুক দিয়ে আপনার মন্তব্য করুন
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