Sunday Feature Poem By Ketaki Datta

No veils, please!

( written in commemoration of the women killed ruthlessly, when the Talibans catapulted to power in Afghanistan )

She is a lady in veil now,

But last month she hated

to conceal the flame of

her beauty behind the

Porous linen,

Her eyes were aglow

With avid queries,

She was all agog

To unearth the mysteries

Of the milky way,the blinking

stars, the orbit of the celestial

body,the parabolic trajectory

of all the stars and planets!

But after a sudden upheaval

When she feels like
bombarding the terrorists

feigning to be statesmen,

Who parade the crooked shenanigans

Leaving the society in a trepidation!

She would like to topple their reign

Which has just begun by hook

Or by crook and usher in whiffs

Of fresh air, filled with a promise

Of liberty ,of ‘unveiled’ freedom!

But downtown quite a few bravehearts

like her, got killed for a blatant protest!


Lost Classrooms

(Last year, when uncertainties still kept us in a tizzy , thinking what next?)

A year and a half has sped by

With a slew of online classes,

Online counselling of weak


Who flounder in the sea

Of uncertainties, in the

Quagmire of false hopes!

Days speed by,months run,

The tutors stay veiled

Behind a screen,turned-off,

Segregating themselves in

The cool assurance of comfort–

Of home,of a seemingly secured job

That would help them wade through

The unseen future,concealed

Behind an unpredictable threat!

The students brave ‘net glitches,

Try to discern the mammoth tomes

made easy by the mentors,

Some of which are hard to chew

let alone to be digested!

Come O , Virus -free days,

Come exchange of intellectual gaze,

Of the teacher and the student —

Free us of this deplorable predicament!!


Ketaki Datta is an academic,novelist,poet,reviewer,translator with a couple of poetry collections to her credit.She has a number of academic volumes and two novels along with three translated novels(from Bengali to English) .She is a regular reviewer with Compulsive Reader and Muse India.

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