Poetry – Ishita Das

Falling in Love

(After Approximately Forever by C.D. Wright)

Falling in love,
Is hard I believe.
You’ll count your time,
In minutes and seconds,
You make your own rules,
And you slowly dissolve,
In this mirage-like freedom.
Minutes and seconds become,
Hours and days,
You play Russian Roulette without a gun,
People have become emotions,
Emotions are no longer chemicals.
You realize the crime you’ve committed-
And the crime that has been committed against you,
You suddenly love blood-
I’ve told you it’s a dangerous game.
And falling in love,
Is hard on the knees.
You’ll take your clothes off for the camera,
But you’ll never hold a serpent,
The snake you’ve pet-
You’ve killed it.
You want blood.
You want gore.
You want love.

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