Sunday Poem By Hamid Nazarkhah Alisaraei

home country
It is white paper
in which words are free
And they hug each other.

home country
It is somewhere near sunset
that the canaries are free to sing for the passersby in love
And the fishes are free to dance in front of the customer.

home country
I am
Away from the hustle and bustle of the world
I write love poems

About the poet: * Hamid Nazarkhah Alisaraei
(Adonis Dudestani)
Poet, writer, storyteller, researcher, researcher of popular culture and journalist.

*He was born in 1978 in Kuchsefhan city, Gilan province.

*degree of education; Bachelor of Cultural Affairs Management

* Journalism activity started in 2005 with local publications of Gilan.

* Founding Board and Chairman of Kochsefhan Poetry and Literature Association from 2002 to 2007

* The founder and head of the Kochsafhanology Department

*Member of the Board of Directors of “Qelam Azad” poetry and literature association of Kochsefahan.

*Founder and head of Ma’ali Literary Society.

* The first secretary of the national short story festival “Alisaraei Award”.

* Owner of Imtiaz, responsible manager and editor of “TT” student magazine in Farsi and Gilaki language.

* Secretary of the first period of the photo festival
( KochSafahan )

* Superintendent and editor of Moin newspaper
(Special for KochSafahan)

* The founder and head of Farhang Gil Kochsefhan Institute

* Founder and head of Dodestan poetry and literature association

* Publication of a collection of Gilki poems with Farsi translation under the title: “Lullaby of the wind” by Gil and Dilam publishing houses.

* Publishing poems and stories in literary magazines in Gilaki, Farsi and Arabic languages

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