Poems – Gayatri Devi Borthakur

The Hiroshima day

Evey year on 6th of August
The’ Hiroshima day’ is observed ,
remembering the past.
As a reminder of a horrible incident .
The voice of 6th August is very prudent.
The United states
dropped an atomic bomb
on this city of Japan , as per Quebec agreement.
In the year 1945,
during the world war II.
The ‘Little boy ‘ * destroyed the city just in a second .
Thus, humanity came to an end.
After three days on August 9th
A’Fat Man’ * was too dropped on Nagasaki .
The city like Hiroshima , too merged in calamity.
This year , the incident has completed seventy five years .
History will recall that horrified incident with tears.
* The two nuclear boms.
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