Sunday Ruminations – Farheen Nahar

She too had a dream:

My identity is always considered as secondary. When I try to express, they say its arbitrary. I accept that I am no man. But is it a fault to be born as a woman? I am hindered when I speak for myself. For In this huge world there exists only the other and the Self. The game of gender gives male the throne. While sitting on that thrown they create a special zone. For living a life of inferiority played by that everybody, who is no male because as female they are known.
We were sensitive, they said. Hence, to be pampered and decorate on the shelf. Outside world is rough. Ought to be ruled by the people who are tough.  A mother is happier when gave birth to a boy. For she knows that a daughter is both goddess and a sex toy.
If history speaks the truth, for women the journey has been brute. As epics narrate the heroic tale of Ram and Sita, I see it as an early depiction for the Hani of sreelota.  A husband put a whole city on fire when it came to his wife’s civility.  Thus, no questions asked when the same husband put her on fire, raising questions on her purity.
Dear Draupadi, you have been a fool. To let them perceive you not as a human but a tool. Bidding your wife as an object of trade? Listen patriarchy stop calling yourself great.
Female is the body. But we exist for them. Claiming a name of my own would be a matter of shame. For the roles are already assigned. A different role designed for each kind. Perhaps as an ideal goddess, considerate daughter, adaptable wife, dirty whore, or a resourceful mother. What is going on outside this realm, we should not bother. No questions shall be asked. Also don’t forget to put on that mask.
Martin Luther king is not alone his team. For I too have a dream. Where I shall celebrate myself as a living being. Where any sort of stigmatisation would not be seen. A dream of a world where menstruation is not tabooed. Also the liberty to choose a career to be pursued. Where the hegemonized signification of a short skirt is deconstructed.  And the opportunities for social recognition is not obstructed.  Within us there is so much to find. But first we have to unlearn our learned mind.
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