|| Indian Peregrination || by Emmanuel Mettles

The Rain Rains Death

The rain rains death at night.
Each drop carries a warrant from the
Angel of death.
It is handled to the earth in the darkest
Hours of midnight.
The Thanntos summons man to his
Evey drop is like a whip that swishes with heavy whack!.
The rain rains death,
The umbrella of lives
Are taken by the yelling wind!
Wet moonlight quivers beneath the orphaned clouds.
An incompleted morn roams in search of
A shelter for a nap!
The rain rains death!
And the flood inside belly forces a lass
To spread a mat before the untimely lust
Of a Good Samaritan.
The rain still rains death,
And they confirm,’ the dead’ is a “fille de joie!”
And just a ” fille de joie”!
And the rain rains death,
Bringing the messages from the Hades.
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