Remembering Martyrs: A Tribute (Based on the significance of 21st July)

When we talk of the tales of sacrifice, tears simply roll down our cheeks and a general tendency is discovered on our part to revive the good old days of struggle for independence! It was a battle fought against the mighty Imperialism to free our nation from their iron clutches. The days are no more, but the tale of the gory battle will forever be scripted as part of the ‘inner realm’ of the poor mortals!
However, the greatest irony is, the battle, no matter what kind of, refuses to come to a halt! And surprisingly, each time there is a demand of choice, which might be right or wrong before the supreme authority! Naturally the latter will not accept their terms and conditions, resulting into a state of severe chaos wreaking havoc! It was like any other rainy afternoon. 21st July, 1993. The date itself makes the hair stand on one’s skin! Thirteen youths were brutally killed by the cops. The youths actually demanded the voter card as an authentic proof of the voter’s true identity! The whole team operated under the hegemony of the opposition ruler between the Tea Boards and the Canning Crossing.The surging crowd could not be restrained as they moved towards the hub of Government activities (Writer’s Building)! There was no cue of caveat at the very outset of story. The random use of tear gas, open firing and other modes of operations sparked off a tremendous sense of bewilderment among the mass! There was a temporary dispersion but no sign of retreat was evident in the whole game! The situation turned worse from bad. Ranging from mass rally to vocal protests to the use of arms and ammunitions catered a different picture to the history of Bengal. But the sacrifice didn’t go in vain! The question of identity was given a strong emphasis for the benefit of the people on a larger scale. Democracy was redefined anew!
It is really a matter of prerogative to fight for the justice. Down the corridors of time,voices have been raised against injustice. Those voices have also been mailed or slit, but they never gave up! But sadly,we all do not possess that adequate prowess to prove ourselves. We always seek safety and prefer to encourage in a kind of priggish outlook! If all such banalities can be broken, we will surely be able to glue our feet to the tera firma of reality, creating new history, inspiring the forthcoming posterity and cultivating an intrepid soul!! It is worth remembering the lines of Tagore:
“Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high”.
ফেসবুক দিয়ে আপনার মন্তব্য করুন
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