Poetry by Debanjana Ghatak

Title: Through my Imaginary Wings

If I could fly high like a kite,
I would have danced in the air and floated with the clouds.
If I could shine like the sun,
I would have enlightened the depressed hearts and wiped their tears.
If I could twinkle like those little stars,
I would have brought tranquility to that aching soul and poured love at every corner.
If I could stretch my arms and be the tallest tree,
I would have given shelter to many homeless birds and welcomed cool breeze.
If I could be the most adventurous novel,
I would have thrilled every bibliophile with my word play and trapped them in my maze.
If I could be the strongest superhero,
I would have been the chivalrous being and saved the world from every monstrous attack.
If I could fall like numerous raindrops,
I would have knitted romance in every lonely heart and taught them to sing.
If I could be the moon and luminescence the night sky,
I would have illuminated every soul and given them a prompt to write.
If I could sing like nightingale,
I would have turned the melancholic street into a cheerful beam with my melodious hymn.
If I could smile like a flower,
I would have eliminated all sorrows and motivated every cheerless soul.
I know, I can neither be a star nor raindrops or the tallest tree,
But, I will always fly, shine, dance and sing through my imaginary wings
ফেসবুক দিয়ে আপনার মন্তব্য করুন
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