Rhythmic Sunday – Debanjana Ghatak

Nature’s Pupil

Blue sky teaches me
To be courteous and kind.
Mountain instructs me
To be righteous and upright.
Flower reminds me
To be just and sweet.
Leaf tells me
To sing the song of evergreen spring.
Cloud preaches me
To be selfless and not to fright.
Sun coaches me
To shine bright and stay strong.
Moon explains me
To stay calm and spread peace at every corner.
Star guides me
To be optimistic and be a story teller.
Thunder prepares me
To raise my voice whenever there is iniquity.
Rain up skills me
To praise the almighty for cooling our earth and our soul.
Yellow wood educates me
To be sanguine because good days are near.
Tall tree disciplines me
To stay firm, fearless and face the battle with valor.
Butterfly drills me
To propagate cheer at every withering soul.
Green meadow tutors me
To knit a sonnet for all the hearts unmold.
Twittering of birds urges me
To sing aloud till the stone hearts melt.
Hooting of owls informs me
To be valorous midst hideous peril.
The call of the wolves instills me
That I am not alone.
Flying bat reminds me
That the world is still buoyant and the night is pretty.
Tiny squirrel notifies me
About the hidden treasures of the trees.
Busy ant apprises me
About the importance of togetherness and charity.
Ferocious tiger expounds me
To be bold and never give up.
Innocent lamb briefs me
About the pulchritudinous sphere of the world.
Cool autumn breeze reminds me
Of my love and our story.
Snow of winter picturises
All the joyous moments I spent with my beloved.
A nature’s pupil I’m, I’m a child of Almighty,
People might have abandoned but I am blessed by eternity.
ফেসবুক দিয়ে আপনার মন্তব্য করুন
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