‘The Creepy Laziness’ ( Based on The National Lazy Day, 10 August)

The lazy sun streamed through the casement,
Made a tender touch on the earthly objects,
The glow and radiance were a bit subdued,
A game of appearance and disappearance followed!
The little particles visible in the light,
floated in harmony,
no act of discordance!
Yet indolence engulfed the vivacious soul.
Struggled to move ahead,
Wove a vain story,
Pseudo force on act,
Agility became strange,
An ingredient of yesterday,
Sustained a tone of paucity,
Not of money:
But of sinewy vibration!
The child sat at the desk,
watched the rain drops-
dripping lazily from the leaf tip!
Discovered an epicurean delight,
Felt unwilling-
to touch the cold drops.
A little pause,
jerked back to attention-
an illusion!
The bell for the day rang,
emptied the classroom,
All quitted,
but he,
dreamt of the castles and cage,
far beyond the real echoes !
The people were inside,
reluctant to step out from the bed,
the bedsheets, pillows and covers,
ridiculed the unpreparedness!
The lover’s soul was on decline,
the mobile rang,
the light went on and off,
romance was at its fag end!!
A dark trait,
hampers the uphill journey,
reduces the spirit into a bundle of nerves!
Overwhelms every tiny object around,
Unknown of tomorrow morning,
of midday decay,
of twilight clouds,
of star spangled sky!!
ফেসবুক দিয়ে আপনার মন্তব্য করুন
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