Poetry – Aheli Pramanik


A story of, much vexation
Of the things prettily ignored
The obsidian world being hidden
From the sharp eyes, dealing with gourde.
Scarcity of water, electricity
And the list goes on
Dirty small feet swayed through swamp,
For putting a slice in their sinful mouth,
Scratching through the littered spawn.
In the world ruled by Netizens
Here, are the unfortunates with no learning.
The strive can hardly exist
As a fulfilled meal is their only yearning.
You complain about study rooms?
And they spend nights like corpses
A move within six yard costed hell
That’s how dreams of those tiny emeralds, forges.
Smells of dry fish and excreta flies above,
Vapourising above their heads,
A different sky witnesses this world
Secluding from us as we tread.
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