Sunday Novella By Ananya Nag (Episode 1)


“But that smile on your face, that’s the real magic.”
Radhika Sengupta had spent most of her life studying and training to be in the Criminal Investigation Department of Alipore, Kolkata so that she can solve her father’s murder case. When she is faced with a confusing case on the very first day of her job, will she be able to handle herself? Or her emotions will engulf her when she finds out that the person behind this case may be the same person behind her father’s death.
What will she do when her own family falls in the lines of the suspects? Will her strange psychic abilities help her or become a barrier in her path?
How will she react when she meets the guy, she had been seeing in her strange dreams? What if he is someone more than what meets the eye?
Will she learn to hold herself strong in a life of love, loss, friendship, lies, and betrayal, or let her sink in her predestined lines of fate???


Looking at the blood in her hands, Radhika understood what happened.
Why? Why did it always have to be someone she loved, someone she cared about? Didn’t she even have a right to live peacefully without being betrayed?
She was right from the start. One can’t change his or her lines of fate. It was all written from before; she was meant to have a short lifespan.
Then how did she expect something more like an idiot???

1: Not just a simple life

Kolkata International Airport
July 2019. Tuesday, 8:30 pm
It was a lovely evening as Radhika walked out of the checking area with her belongings scanning the crowd at the entrance, looking for her cousin brother Rishav.
Hearing her nickname being called, Radhika turned to the right side to see her brother waving at her from among the people. She waved back before walking up to him.
“My little sister!!” Rishav grinned before hugging Radhika. She did the same but before she could have adjusted to the position, she was picked up and was being spun around in the air.
“Oh! God, dada put me down! Everyone is watching….” Radhika whined, vigorously patting her brother’s shoulder being completely embarrassed.
“What can I do if I see my sister after six months?” Rishav said before putting Radhika down on the ground.
“Yeah, I can understand but we are in the airport,” Radhika looked around her, feeling judging eyes on them. There were some young girls, looking in their direction with jealous eyes.
It didn’t take Radhika a second to understand what was in their mind. They were thinking of Rishav as her boyfriend. People always think complicated things. It is in their nature. Due to Rishav’s behavior, many people mistook them for a couple.
Goddd!! How many times did she warn Rishav!!… But all in vain!! It was his habit, that he used to get out of certain situations.
“Those girls standing near the pillar…. were they talking to you before I came?” Radhika asked.
“They were hitting on me from the time I arrived,” Rishav replied after taking a look.
“I knew it. They are throwing daggers at me with their eyes.” Radhika said. “I would have already been dead if eyes could kill.”

to be continued…

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