Sunday Poem By Anjali Denandee, MOM

The Autumn

The Autumn season.
The Queen of season.
Bits of clouds are flying.
Free wings birds are flying.
Why are they flying?
Season dose not know the reason.
The rivers are flowing.
The air is blowing.
The light is glowing.
Flowers are calling.
Bees and butterflies are coming.
All are falling in love, falling.
Fruits are ripened by the nature.
The Autumn is a great creature.
Goddess Shree Durga mom,
She visits to her mom’s home.
The sky is in it’s own meditation.
It chants on the holly word, “AUM”
It gifts too deep concentration.
The Earth is moving around the Sun.
So the Autumn ran, runs, will run,
For ever and ever…
Never stops, never.

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