Sunday Poem By Anjali De Nandi

I am Anjali De Nandi, Mom

Then I was a village girl.

I had hair, long, black and curl.
I adorned with my flowers crown.
I danced on our yard.
I heard heard and heard,
The songs of the birds.
I was with my simplicity.
Now I live in a town.
It is a capital city.
Now my hair is not long, and also black.
Now I sit on my balcony and my thinking go back.
I revise my life-book’s beginning pages.
Oh, my early days!
So fantastic!
Really nostalgic.

At mid night

Now the night is deep.
My city dwellers sleep.
My lane dog is barking.
It is moving near of my car parking.
Now my eyes are not sleeping.
The full moon rays are peeping.
Enter in my bed room through window.
Cover my face.
My imaginations blow.
On the far moon, all take place.
My look reaches on the moon also.
All my imaginations are very fast.
But the time is slow.
On my imaginations, my look has trust.
All are made for each other, forever.
All become too strong at mid night.
Under full moon light.
So all request to the night to stay forever,
But it says, No never.
When the dawn appears then I will go.
Again I will be with my full moon then.
I come and go…….
Now and then……….
Again and again……….

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