Sunday Poem By Anjali De Nandi, Mom


If you want to discover ownself
Then you must try to know Swamijee.
His writings are our pathway.
These can help.
Yes, help to you to reach to your aim.
The Universe mean Swamijee.
He came.
Yes, he came as a human,
But he is countless numbers of humans,
In his single body with infiny-powers…
By his own powers,
He reached to the immortality.
He discovered the humanity,
In our spirituality.
A human life is the blessing of the Nature,
By which we will be in future,
After our death of body but stay forever,
With our own activities in our life.
Works never end, no, never.
Works mens life,
And life means works, always.
Yes, life is sky and works are rays.

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