Sunday Poem By Mom


The Sun is in his morning-walk on the sky.
So, his company-birds start to fly.
The sky is their way.
It’s their friend.
It has no end.
They love the ray.
The air is their well-wisher, forever.
The relationship has no end,
No no no never.
At dusk, the Sun is in his rest.
So, the birds take place in the nest.
But the air is in their every chest.
For life, air is the best.
On the sky, the birds can fly,
But can not stay.
On the Earth, they take food
and drink water.
They love to fly on high sky,
Love to go too far,
Yet there they can not lay.
For their motherhood,
They love the Earth,
Where their next generation can take birth.
The relationship is everywhere
And it is always with it’s own care.
By this carefulness
We can make the ever-address
Which is endless…….

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